The Riders

Christie and Jay got married in the summer of 2012, and without a wedding to organise, or a honeymoon to relax on, ended up organising something slightly different.


Jay got the idea of doing the JOGLE when thinking of fundraising ideas. Jay and Christie both acknowledged that 2012 had been a very selfish year for them, so wanted to give something back to people who deserved a bit of support. Jay had been working for CASPA, (a local charity which provided programmes for young people with autism, and their families,) for a few years, and is delighted to fund raise for such an amazing cause.

Both Christie and Jay would come under the umbrella of those who “enjoy exercise”. Christie is a fitness professional (personal trainer, studio instructor, sports masseuse) and set up her own company a few years ago, loving the fact she can encourage others to lead a healthier lifestyle. Jay has been working as a sports coach and teacher for over 5 years, working with all different types of children, from different backgrounds – always delivering amazing coaching and being a role model in the best way he can.

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