My First big fall!!!

So training has been going great!! We have been upping our distance and speed gradually & feeling very confident. On Sunday we did a nice 21 mile cycle with my Dad, who is also a keen cyclist. He is a lot better than Jay and I right now so it was good training for us trying to keep up with him! It was a great ride.. and being the flattest route we have ever done we found we were making good time. I cant believe I’m actually gonna say this but I think I prefer a route with a few hills!! Crazy right!! But the problem with a flat course is that your legs never get a break. You constantly have to keep your legs moving in order to keep the speed up. It ends up being a bit of a slog! Also roads that when driving seem to be flat are actually not! Usually they are small gradients but miles long! This is knackering on the legs! At least with an up hill down hill course your legs get a break on the down hills!!! Anyway the best part of the ride was as we pulled up on the drive.. I came to a stop & unclipped my left cleat.. somehow managed to clip myself straight back in again.. And what happens to someone who is clipped in on a bike & not moving.. You tip over & off you go! Luckily I landed on a nice, soft bit of grass and that was it.. The giggles set in & I couldn’t stop! Jay & my Dad also found this very funny wishing they had it on video to send to You’ve been framed!!!

My next fall wasn’t so funny! We decided to cycle into Croydon, doing the same route that Jay is planning to cycle to work. Wasnt my best ride for sure! Almost getting hit by a stupid car cutting me up & getting a bit stressed on the very busy main roads, I was struggling to keep up with Jay. However I knew we were close to our destination which meant a stop break was coming up! A very misleading ‘No Cycling’ sign meant we couldnt go the way we wanted (we have now looked further into this & the sign is pointing to a footpath not the road but this was unclear) so we had to go onto a main road with tram lines on it. Now if anyone has ever cycled before, you will know its VERY bad news if you manage to get your tyre caught in a tram line! Well this is exactly what happened to me :-(
I flew straight over my handle bars and went smack onto the floor!

Its amazing how instinct completely takes over in this situation because I knew even though I was in a lot of shock & hurt everywhere I needed to get off the road! I grabbed my bike & ran off the road & into Jays arms where I completely broke down! My amazing hubby did such a good job in calming me down & alot of nice pedestrians came running over to see if I was ok!


The most disappointing part of this story was the next bit..  I had taken few layers of skin off of my hand, and my knee was a mess – I’d torn my leggings and blood was pouring out, it was visible there was alot of dirt and stones in the cut as I’d had fallen off on the road.  A lady could see how much pain I was in, so ran to the local doctors surgery (less that 60yards away) to try and get some help. Jay cleaned my knee the best he could with water, (or as much as I would let him) as the lady returned to say that nobody from the doctors would come. Not only would they not come, they wouldn’t give us any cleaning wipes or anything which would have been useful. Why? Because “they are not insured to treat anyone outside of the surgery”. We also checked if we could maybe go inside so they could just check me over – to which the reply was – “if she’s hurt, get her an ambulance to hospital.” Why? Because they “aren’t insured to treat anyone without a prior booked appointment”. We ended up walking (&hopping) to the station and getting a taxi home. Thankfully my wounds don’t seem to be serious or infected.

This isn’t a slam of the NHS as a whole, more so the society that means people aren’t allowed to help people for fear or being found in the wrong. The fact that I was in tears and losing blood from a deep and dirty wound, and that somebody sitting 60 yards away who may have been willing, was apparently not allowed to help.. I find disturbing!

Anyway I eventually did my myself checked out the next day no lasting damage or infection! Just a very sore, swollen & bruised knee, a bruised & cut hand, very sore shoulders & body where I jarred them.. plus an extremely bruised ego!! It could have been much worse! As soon as I can bend & use my knee again I will get back on the bike! I dont want to lose my confidence & let this effect my cycling!

Thanks for taking the time to read about my nasty experience & fingers crossed our next post will be happier one :-)



2 Responses to My First big fall!!!

  1. Sorry to read this sweetie. Don’t let it knock your confidence, you are doing great. I will sponsor you once I’m home from America. Zinny x

    • Sorry I never replied to this hun.. it didnt tell me you had commented!! Thanks.. It hasnt knocked my confidence too much although I’m now pretty cautious (prob not a bad thing) x

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