Our idea of a Romantic Getaway

So I decided to take my lovely hubby away for the weekend for an early Valentines Day surprise. As we don’t usually celebrate Valentines Day I was determined to make this weekend as romantic & perfect as possible :-)

So I picked this place in Westerham called The Grasshopper Inn. A gorgeous place, lovely building in a lovely little village, but more to the point, a great cycle route just down the road (what more could you want). The cycle route promised quiet roads, a couple of honest hills, nothing too painful & great scenery to keep you entertained while cycling.

Having no idea where the cycle route starts & no help from the staff in the hotel (who all think were crazy mad for going out in the cold anyway) we decide to make our own route up & cycle where we feel like cycling!

I have now decided that a rule Jay & I will stick to from now on is that if the road name or place has the word ‘HILL’ in it.. we are NOT to turn up it!!! The first 2 miles of our cycle went up ‘Surrey Hill’ which just seemed to go up & up & up! On a good note, it didnt take us long to warm up in the cold weather!! As we were trudging further up this hill I pointed out that what goes up MUST come down!! Which indeed it did! So taking what felt like a life time to get to the top of, took not that long to get back down. Getting a little more confident with down hill speeds now, we reached speeds of 32mph which seems like 100mph on a bike!

Ok so we have now given our legs a little rest & are quite happily plodding along a nice little country village called Brasted. Up ahead we see a signpost! Now this is where my ‘no Hill in the title’ rule should have applied! We see that if you turn right, it takes you to Ide Hill. We had literally been talking to my Dad about Ide Hill earlier that day because my Dad had cycled up it the day before & was telling us how painful it was!!! We surely if my 55year old Dad can cycle it.. So can we!!! If you are familiar with Ide Hill then you will understand that what we should have done is ignored the turn right signpost and kept going! Surrey Hill now looks like a stroll in the park & Ide Hill is actually Everest!!

It goes on & on & on & on! Every corner you turn makes you sob a little bit as you see that it STILL keeps going up & up & up! I saw a Quote the other day which actually came in very handy half way up the hill when your legs, hips & glutes are burning so much they may actually catch on fire! The quote was.. ‘Shut up Legs.. Im trying to cycle’!!! Haha, I love this! My legs got told to shut up a zillion times!!

But every hill eventually comes to an end! its a great feeling when the road starts to even out & you ride past a man who shouts “well done guys, you made it” Surely that means we’ve reached the top? Me & Jay both smile & feel a great sense of achievement. We stop for a drink just as it starts snowing. Its the perfect moment – see I knew they’d be some romance in this story somewhere :-)

Anyway after that we ended up cycling back up the other side of Ide hill (which is just as hard) because we got lost! Jay nearly hit a farmer who seemed to forget he was crossing a road and walked straight out in front of Jay who was flying down a hill at about 25mph! We rode on one of the bumpiest roads EVER & trust me, on road bikes your ‘saddle area’ feels EVERY single lump, bump & dip! We rode up an incredibly short but sharp hill (yes another hill), contended with idiot drivers who will literally do ANYTHING to get past you as quickly as possible, even if it means nearly knocking you off! And eventually 20 miles later we made it back to the hotel! Phewwww :-)

Thank GOD I booked a room with a bath!!! After cups of tea & hot chocolate & nice hot bubbly baths we are refreshed & ready for our dinner! Here’s the problem.. a tough, knackering bike ride + a massive 3 course meal + a bottle of wine = So Very Very tired Jay & Christie!! Another problem with this is that our bed was like a giant marshmallow! Big fluffy pillows, big fluffy duvet & a squishy, snugly mattress! Unfortunately we were in bed by 10 and asleep by about 10.02!!

Haha.. can you feel the romance yet?????   :-)

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