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No More Excuses!!!!!!!!!!

Hi everyone sorry we haven’t been posting recently but to be honest there hasn’t really been much to write about! With a long list of excuses stopping us from cycling we have really hit a big bump in our JOGLE training!

Firstly we had my big fall, which has literally left me with zero confidence & a broken bike!
Then just as Jay went back to his American Football season he damaged one of the main cruciate ligaments in his knee not only stopping him from playing football but stopping him from doing any type of exercise which involved moving his knee (I think cycling might just fall into this category).
Then with a bout of freezing cold weather, icy conditions & the dreaded potholes all over every single road, our training for Jogle was getting pushed further back & back!!

But there is a light at the end of every tunnel & things are now looking up for us :-)
So I did the first & most obvious thing today.. I took my bike to the bike shop to get fixed! They made a few adjustments to a knocked gear bracket thingy & my bike was ready to go! 10miles later I’m feeling good & my confidence is picking up!
Jay has now started physio on his knee & is getting stronger all the time! The physio has given him the all clear to cycle as long as he doesn’t go crazy on it (like plan to cycle 900 miles).
With the weather starting to pick up & the potholes slow but surely getting repaired, we really are running out of excuses :-)

We have a 50 odd mile ride planned for this weekend so hopefully we can get back out & start enjoying cycling again! We loved it so much when we first got our bikes, riding was such a joy & every time we finished a ride, we couldnt wait to get back out again! We have just been a little unfortunate & we need to get our confidence back up!!


As you can imagine, with little to no training recently & with Jay’s knee still on the mend the likelihood of us completing JOGLE in June & in a week is highly unlikely!! So we have made a few changes to our challenge.

Firstly – we have moved the cycle back to September. Dates are to be confirmed but were thinking maybe the second week in September.

Secondly – we are no longer planning to do the cycle in 1 week! We have decided to extend the ride over 2 weeks so that we can actually enjoy it! We have a great opportunity to see a lot of the Country & we would rather be able to experience this rather than just fly past it!!!

Everything else remains the same! We are still trying to raise as much money as possible for the amazing charity which is CASPA! If you would like to help us out by donating some money then please follow the link below:

Lastly – We will be looking into setting up some fundraising events over the next few months but we are both pretty clueless in this area? If anyone has any ideas, advice & would like to help us then please let us know – Any ideas would be massively appreciated!

Thanks for reading our blog & hopefully you will be hearing alot more from us :-)

Christie & Jay x